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Important update, 31 May 2022

We have some great news to share - read more here.

  • The project is financially achievable (with your help)

  • A CCC grant of $1.94m towards restoration has already been secured

  • It will be a tourist attraction, boosting the local economy

  • It will provide work for tradespeople and artisans

  • McLean’s Mansion is an exceptional building – both in design and on a scale not found elsewhere in New Zealand

  • It is structurally sound

  • It is the most significant building of its kind in the Southern hemisphere

  • It has real WOW factor

  • This is a unique opportunity to save a part of our heritage

  • It will help keep us connected to our history

  • Buildings are part of our memories and the fabric of our city

  • It is a physical link to our past

  • Along with the trams and the punts, this provides a connection to our Englishness

  • It has Category 1 heritage status

  • Christchurch will gain a unique asset

  • It will contribute to the revitalisation of Christchurch

  • It will be a building to enjoy both for its exterior and interior

  • Christchurch will gain a wonderful new art gallery, unique events venue and recreation of our Victorian past

  • We will all be proud that we have saved it

  • Christchurch has lost so much of its history

  • It is a magnificent and amazing building

  • It had a past, let's give it a future

  • Quite simply, it is worth saving


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